Sunday, April 6, 2008


You know, for the first time in so many years, I have time to devote to doing things in my life and home that I have only been able to think about.

Perhaps a little history is in order. More than 27 years ago, my husband died after only 4 years of marriage. God had given us a wonderful gift in our son, who was 9 months old at the time of his Daddy's death. Since that time, my life has taken me through many seasons, and all of them have been busy.

Just being a mom is a very busy occupation. Being a single mom homeschooling my son while trying to earn money and make a good home and cook nutritiously and~and~and~and......well, suffice it to say that I never got everything done and there were always things I just couldn't find time to do.

When my son finished high school and entered college, I needed to work full-time, and shortly thereafter, my father came to live with me. He had suffered two strokes, is speech impaired and has several disabilities and medical issues. Life continued to be very busy.

Fast forward 8 years...the end of December brought me a wonderful evening candlelight wedding ceremony at my son's home in Wisconsin (backyard of his home the next day is the main blog photo above) and an awesome man I still can't believe is my husband. After a very special time with our families and a sweet, memorable honeymoon on the coast, I returned to work for one week before my job was eliminated.

My emotions have certainly run the gamut since then, but one thing I am grateful for....time. Besides being able to do so many things that had been neglected before, I've also enjoyed spending time online reading other blogs and learning so many wonderful things. The worldwide web is truly incredible. I told my husband this afternoon that I felt like I had access to the wisdom of the sages! So many forums and threads...there's not a question that can't be answered by "googling it!"

So I have been learning more about nutrition, how to make my own household cleaners, how to live more frugally, and most importantly, how to be a good wife. And so so much more.

And I have time to read again....I used to have to carefully choose and narrow down books...parenting books, teacher's guides, work-related items and such. Now....I am also reading good books that build my faith and encourage my calling as a wife, books that help me grow, and even a novel for enjoyment! Not to say that I never read those types of books before, just that now I can expand that list and read more than ever!

I am gardening...growing herbs and vegetables. I am quilting...trying to finish a quilt for my grandson. And I am praying...more seriously again. I will be posting about that soon. God gives us so many wonderful things to fill our lives.

So many good reasons for not blogging everyday! :) And so many good things to post about! I'll definitely be back.

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