Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Attitude of Gratitude

One of my greatest weaknesses is discontentment and negative thinking. My prayer is that I will have a grateful heart, aware of all God's blessings in my life...and to be more focused on those things. It can be a real stronghold to dwell on what we lack, or what has hurt us, or what is hard about our lives...or even on our own weaknesses (not to mention the weaknesses of others).

I have begun listing five things I can be thankful for each day (most days at least! ;) In this way, I have purposed to look at the good, at the eternal, at the good gifts God has given. This is where I will list them.
Today I’m thankful for:
  1. A steaming cup of delicious herbal tea
  2. For a man who brought my heart to life after 20 years
  3. For 7 nephews who bring joy and delight to my heart
  4. For another day, another chance to honor God with my thoughts, body, and behaviors
  5. For my little kitchen with dishes that need to be washed because of the food that is available for us to enjoy each day


Football said...
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Football said...

I like your blog. Its pretty cool.