Friday, March 14, 2008

God is so Good

Today I thank God for:
  1. 1. Giving my Dad another 10 years with us when we thought we'd lost him after his two strokes
  2. 2. Our wonderful pets...Journey, my gentle black lab/greyhound mix who has brought me joy for over 11 years ~ Zeke, who, although brings some challenges is a very loving and affectionate golden who gets better everyday ~ and Elizabeth, our "diva cat" who actually answers to her name and is beautiful and loving.
  3. The blessing of a home computer to accomplish many things that would be much more complex if we had to do it manually
  4. A home that allows me to gaze at the gorgeous Cascade Mountain Range through my huge front window as often as I desire
  5. Teaching me how to be my husband's helpmate

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